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Abercrombie, Shelby Class of 2004 Process Engineer

Aeronautical Systems Group

Strahan, Howard Class of 2007 Chief Engineer

Applied Systems Intelligence, INC

Snyder, Kyle Class of 2005 Project Manager, ASI Mission Systems


Henderson, Chip Class of 2009 Compsites Process Engineer
Stickler, Keith Class of 2008 Contract Manager


Matsuzawa, Mick Class of 2008 Supplier Diversity Specialist
Schmidt, Brian Class of 2008 Program Manager, Aluminum Strategies
Emmelhainz, Michael Class of 2008 Center Director, Site Executive
Morren, Morren Class of 2004 Senior Manager of Operations Support
Kiefer, Carolyn Class of 2006 Senior Manager, Systems Engineering
Nakamichi, Thomas Class of 2006 Program Interface Manager
Sterba, James Class of 2007 Manager, AP Programs - Systems
Wigfall, James Class of 2007 Vice President, Supplier Management


Wilson, James Class of 2005 Director of Corporate Operations
Wortman, A. Darryl Class of 2005 Vice President
Butkis, Scot Class of 2006 Vice President, Systems Engineering
Wolfe, Lisa Class of 2006 Vice President, O2K/EXPRESS

Defense Logistics Agency

Ennis, Kent Class of 2009 Supervisor, Integrated Supplier Team
Smith, Greg Class of 2008 Division Chief, Aviation Research, Review, and Analysis

Delta Airlines 

Burtz, John Class of 2004 General Manager, Aircraft Acquisition and Sales
Kirk, William Class of 2004 Manager
Adams, Gary Class of 2005 Six Sigma Master
Peterson, William Class of 2006 General Manager, Marketing and Sales Development


David, Henry Class of 2004 Vice President

Exotic Electro Optics

Lundstedt, Evan Class of 2008 Director of Programs and Business Development
Garmin International 

Frye, G. Scott Class of 2007 Regional Sales Manager


Moreau, Damien Class of 2009 Program/Contracts Manager
Siers, Rebecca Class of 2009 Quality Sytems Engineer


Nash, Daniel Class of 2008 Director of Operations


McBride, Suzanne Class of 2008 Manager, Spacecraft Business

Korry Electronics Co.

Bootz, Oliver Class of 2006 International Business Manager

Lockheed Martin

Babione, Jeffrey Class of 2008 Chief Engineer, F-22 Raptor
Mathews, James Class of 2009 USG C-130 Global Sustainment Senior Manager
Shultz, George Class of 2005 Program Director
Ulmer, Greg Class of 2006 Deputy Program Manager
Brown, Sedrick Class of 2007 Program Manager


Dueñas, Carol Class of 2008 Controller


DelMastro, Michael Class of 2008 Senior Director, Aviation Services

NCI, Inc.

Smith, Michael Class of 2004 Marketing Manager

Northrop Grumman

Tracy, David Class of 2009 Site Director

Rolls Royce

Smith, Abby Class of 2004 Program Leader

Rotocraft Enterprises

Storm, Eve Class of 2009 General Manager

RTI International Metals, INC

Wellham, Michael Class of 2005 Senior Vice President

Short Hills Aviation

Dudzinski, Mario Class of 2008 Vice President / Partner

GE Aviation (formerly Smiths Aerospace)

Bina, David Class of 2007 Vice President, Platorm Program Manager

Standard Aero

Palacios, James Class of 2008 Segment Director, International Sales
Young, Greg Class of 2004 Vice President
Henry, James Class of 2005 Vice President, Engineering and Quality


Whittaker, Scott Class of 2009 VP/Strategic Programs - N.&S. America
Technology for Energy Corp

Lehmann, Larry Class of 2005 Director of Aviation, Marketing and Sales

Teledyne Electronic Manufacturing Services

Green, T. Shane Class of 2005 Director of Programs

United Airlines

Hastings, Brian Class of 2005 Aircraft Technician

US Army

Bladow, Jana Class of 2008 Electronics Engineer
Speigle, Scott Class of 2006 Division Chief, Tactical Missile Systems
Wiggs, George Class of 2007 Chief Tactical Missiles Branch


Abrams, Alicia Class of 2010 Program Element Monitor
Berg, David Class of 2009 Business Development Chief
Fellows, Mark Class of 2009 Aerospace Engineer/AF Material Command
Forbes, Mark Class of 2009 Processing Engineering Flight Chief
Foskey, David Class of 2009 Industrial Production Manager
Liptak, Barbara Class of 2009 Procurement Analysist, HQ, AF Material Command
Osterhage, Matthew Class of 2009 Chief, Investment Budget Branch
Pagura, Carol Class of 2009 Industrial Production Manager
Payton, Michelle Class of 2009 Lead Engineer, Protected SATCOM Systems
Ruscetta, Louis Class of 2009 Air Dominance Program Element Monitor
Smith, David Class of 2009 Director of Systems and Engineering Flight
Varner, Chris Class of 2009 Chief, Explosives Processing & Test Support Section
Shearin, J. Bradley Class of 2008 Instructor Pilot
Zavadil, Carolyn Class of 2008 Chief, Test Resources & Infrastructure Division
Santos, Jennifer Class of 2008 SAF/AQLM Division Chief
Lowe, Cecelia Class of 2008 Lead Engineer
Cannon, Samuel Class of 2008 Staff Analyst
Bain, Gary Class of 2008 Director of Operations, Commodities maintenance Squadron
Bailey, Perry Class of 2008 Mission Support Chief, Business Operations
Maddox, Janet Class of 2008 Program Manager, Theater Deployable Communications
Metz, Aaron Class of 2008 Branch Chief, TSAT Network Operations
Gray, Timothy Class of 2008 Director, Quality Assurance and Process Improvement
Chirdon, Elizabeth Class of 2008 Procurement Analyst
Oliver, K. Shane Class of 2008 Squadron Deputy Director
Austin, Stephanie Class of 2004 Industrial Production Manager
Best, William Class of 2004 Industrial Production Manager
Corcoran, Charlotte Class of 2004 Supervisory Industrial Engineering Technician
Irwin, J. Tim Class of 2004 Lead, Quality Management Specialist
Russell, William Class of 2004 Branch Chief
VanBuskirk, Jerry Class of 2004 Maintenance Specialist
Wenzel, Michael Class of 2004 Production Branch Chief
Wilson, Michael Class of 2004 Senior IMA, Aircraft Division
Barrett, Michael Class of 2005 Engineering Branch Chief
Hebert, Sharon Class of 2005 Lead Management Analyst, Process Improvement Branch
Keen, Douglas Class of 2005 Deputy Chief, Aircraft Division
Morrison, Christopher Class of 2005 Maintenance Analyst
Stokes, Scott Class of 2005 Chief, Electronics and Instruments Branch
Woods, Janis Class of 2005 Aircraft Overhaul Supervisor
Diamond, James Class of 2006 Chief Engineer, 309th Commodities Maintenance Group
Ethridge, Donna Class of 2006 Chief, Manpower and Training Section
Gilchrist, Lane Class of 2006 Chief, Mission Operations Branch
Griffin, Emory Class of 2006 Chief, Depot Maintenance Partnering Section
Ikeda, H. Nicholas Class of 2006 Lt. Colonel/USAF, Deputy Comptroller MILSATCOM
Jense, K. Wade Class of 2006 Chief, Joint Electronic Warfare Threats
Johnson, R. Mark Class of 2006 Supervisory Industrial Production Manager
Orgusaar, Roshelle Class of 2006 Deputy Director, Special Projects Squadron
Robinson, Mary Class of 2006 Program Manager
Warnock, Kevin Class of 2006 Supervisory Process Analyst
Almquist, Charles Class of 2007
Deputy Chief, Space Force Enhancement Division
Bramble, Todd Class of 2007 Chief, Acquisition Policy and Integration
Cohen, Shari Class of 2007 Chief Resource Manager
Cothran, Diane Class of 2007 Exchange Production Support Chief
Craft, Floyd Class of 2007 Chief, Resource Management Division
Dockery, Kimberly Class of 2007 Electronics Engineer
Dynes, Douglas Class of 2007 Program Manager
Edge, J. Scott Class of 2007 Chief, Facilities Engineering
Garza, Juan Class of 2007 Comptroller
Gunter, Cynthia Class of 2007 Chief, Maintenance Data Systems
Guthrie, Michael Class of 2007 Chief, Resource Management Division
Hager, S. Dennis Class of 2007 Deputy Division Chief
Montano, Edward Class of 2007 Squadron Director
Mullis, Doris Class of 2007 Chief, Financial Management Budget Section
Singletary, D. Lott Class of 2007 Chief, Procedures and Analysis Element
Soderberg, T. Dean Class of 2007 Production Section Chief
Stephens-Smith, Judith Class of 2007 Director, Commodities
Stone, Detres Class of 2007 Supervisory Process Analyst
Yoder, Kimberly Class of 2007
Procurement Analyst

Volvo Logistics North America

Dehaven, Stephen Class of 2004 Director of Logistic Development

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