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ADMBA Calendar

Class of 2017

The following calendar shows residence periods and synchronous distance-learning sessions for the 2017 ADMBA academic term.

The 2017 ADMBA class kicks off with a residence period in January; you'll visit campus for additional residence periods in April, June, September, and December. Distance-learning sessions are held on Thursday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET. Your assignment due dates and other important milestones will be provided to you during the first residence session.

Because of the intense nature of the High Compression LearningSM method, your attendance at all sessions is required. In addition, we require all students to participate in the synchronous learning sessions. Only under compelling circumstances with prior approval by the director will you be able to miss a session.

Academic Calendar

Jan 15-21 (Sunday-Saturday)Jan 14-20 (Sunday-Saturday)
April 2-8 (Sunday-Saturday)April 8-14 (Sunday-Saturday)
June 11-17 (Sunday-Saturday)June 10-16 (Sunday-Saturday)
Sept 10-16 (Sunday-Saturday)Sept 9-15 (Sunday-Saturday)
Dec 9-15 (Saturday-Friday)Dec 8-14 (Saturday-Friday)

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