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Your Aerospace & Defense MBA is an investment—and we want you and your supporting employer to see a handsome return.

Although many of your class assignments can be applied directly to your own organization, the most important will be your Organizational Action Project (OAP). The OAP involves designing and executing a strategic initiative that will make a real bottom-line impact for your business. In fact, we expect your OAP to deliver a return of at least $1 million, which means it will pay for your education and then some.

You'll work closely with a faculty advisor to identify an issue of major importance to your organization and design a project around it. You'll then work with your own team mates to implement it, with deliverables scheduled throughout the program year. Similar to a thesis, the project is graded independently of all your other assignments.

OAP Summaries & Dividends

We expect your OAP to make a significant impact on growing revenue, reducing costs, or improving customer service. Here are some examples of projects we've seen:

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