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When it comes to business processes, most large organizations—no matter what the industry—waste time and money in exactly the same places. The primary objective of this unique one-day workshop is to help you identify the waste in your business processes, from expediting and multitasking to lack of focus and email inefficiency. You’ll leave with easy-to-implement, low- or no-cost countermeasures that will increase your productivity right away.

The concepts for each course topic will be reinforced through interactive simulation and team exercises, and you’ll leave with an action plan that you can implement immediately when you return to your organization.

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Key Benefits

  • Identify lack of organizational focus and excess work-in-process
  • Identify unnecessary time spent tracking, reporting, prioritizing, re-prioritizing, expediting, facilitating, searching, batching, and multitasking
  • Understand how multitasking increases time spent and introduces errors
  • Use a new metric—optimal WIP—to make work flow faster and eliminate the need for other metrics
  • Increase situational awareness and work efficiency
  • Identify a battle rhythm for your deliverables based on your mission and other requirements
  • Collaborate as knowledge workers through single-text negotiation instead of serial, asynchronous “ping-pong” emails
  • Organize files according to a standard methodology to improve execution in everything you do
  • Reduce email volume by up to 30 percent and save weeks per year of wasted time

Intended Audience

Business office managers and team members (in any business department, including management, administration, human resources, engineering, purchasing, sales and marketing, etc.)

Duration & Dates

1 day
Please call +1 (865) 974-5001 for custom course details and information.


Bill Peterson, MBA—Faculty, Graduate and Executive Education. Bill is a Lean best practices teacher and consultant with more than 30 years of hands-on experience using Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement tools to enhance process efficiency, job satisfaction, and organizational performance.


This is a custom course. Course may be provided at UT or a site of your choice.

For more information, call +1 (865) 974-5001.

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