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Lean Applied to Business Processes

This course teaches you to apply lean best practices to develop a continuous improvement strategy, to align business processes with the creation of customer-defined value, and to increase innovation, efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Key Benefits

You'll learn to apply lean best practices to improve the acquisition life-cycle management process—identifying opportunities for efficiency, eliminating waste, and managing constraints. You'll examine case studies taken directly from the aerospace and defense industry that will link theory and practice for you in a concrete way.

Key benefits you'll realize include . . .

  • Increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs
  • Enhanced organizational efficiency and increased organizational capacity for growth with no additional outlay of resources
  • Ongoing faculty mentorship

You'll return to your organization with an action plan that contains clearly defined strategies for improving processes, achieving a competitive advantage, and building a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Intended Audience

Personnel at all levels of an organization who are responsible for the acquisitions process.

Duration & Dates

3 days

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Bill Peterson, MBA—lean best practices teacher and consultant with more than 30 years of hands-on experience using lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement tools to enhance process efficiency, job satisfaction, and organizational performance.


This is a custom course. Course may be provided at UT or a site of your choice.

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