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Residence Periods & Online Structure

No matter where you live, you can complete your University of Tennessee Aerospace & Defense MBA in just one year, with as little time as possible away from family and work. Your class time is divided into five highly focused residence periods and asynchronous and synchronous distance learning sessions.

Residence Periods

Five times during the year, you'll come to the University of Tennessee campus to focus exclusively on your ADMBA studies.

During these High Compression LearningSM residence periods, you'll take classes, meet with faculty advisors and leadership development coaches, and work on project teams with your peers. You'll also dive into your Organizational Action Project (OAP), meeting delivery milestones throughout the year.

We end the year with a three-day marketplace simulation. In this corporate wargame, you and your teammates will create and run your own company, competing with other teams from your class to see who survives in the marketplace.

Online Structure

When you're not in residence, you'll be participating in online distance-learning sessions held on Thursday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET. Class time is dynamic and interactive, just as it would be in person, and gives you the chance to connect with your classmates between residence periods. You’ll be learning each week about the most pressing issues in aerospace and defense from faculty and noted guest speakers. The program also includes "asynchronous" distance learning since some MBA material is best delivered through a traditional instructor-centered lecture. You will watch these lectures at your convenience and as often as needed to master the associated skills.

Visit our ADMBA academic calendar for session dates and times.

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