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Why pursue an Aerospace & Defense MBA from UT?

“I’m focused on aerospace and defense in my day-to-day job. The University of Tennessee Aerospace & Defense MBA is also focused on aerospace and defense, and that’s what makes it outstanding.“

—John Paquet
Deputy and Director, Lockheed Martin, Integrated Fighter Group Product Development

“The unique scheduling allowed me to attend residence periods from San Antonio and to keep my work and family life on track. The UT calendar is very student friendly.“

—Jim Henry
Vice President, Technology and Development, Standard Aero

“UT’s Aerospace & Defense MBA has been a critical part of our portfolio of leadership development programs since 2004.“

—Ralph Heath
retired President of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

“The subject matter becomes real, understandable, and long-lived through exciting and relevant simulations, in-class projects, group projects and other innovative techniques. I’ve already found myself thinking differently.“

—John Burtz
General Manager of Aircraft Acquisition and Sales, Delta Air Lines

“One of the biggest things that I have gained from the UT ADMBA experience is a much broader understanding of the aerospace industry as a whole. My interactions with the other students have allowed me to see the big picture instead of just my little piece of the puzzle. My new understanding of the flow of product from an airline or military order to the order for fuselages to the orders for engines that need my parts enables me to make better sales projections.“

—Mike Smith
Marketing Manager, Smiths Aerospace Components

“As I have progressed in my career, like most professionals, I have taken on roles that bring greater and greater responsibilities. Over time I recognized that not only do I need to make the right technical decisions, but also cost-effective ones.

I needed to understand how our engineering decisions impacted the company’s profit and loss. How and why the company made the financial decisions it did, what it did with the profits—invest in research, increase dividends or pay down debt and why. Engineers typically don’t get a lot of exposure to the business side of things. But it was clear to me that in order to advance, in order to make better decisions, I needed to understand that side of the business.

The ADMBA program at UT proved to be a perfect fit. I mean, you can get the academics of an MBA at a lot of schools. But what differentiates UT is they deliver those business concepts within the context of the aerospace industry. No one else does that. It takes what normally is a purely academic experience and makes it more practical and tangible. You move from theory to application much faster.

I know the investment made by the company in my ADMBA experience has already provided a positive return on investment and it will continue to yield dividends in the future. It has been a great experience!“

—Jeff Babione
Executive Vice President and General Manager of the F-35 Program, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

“I learned tools that I can use and apply every day, things that have been extremely beneficial. I highly recommend the UT ADMBA to anyone wishing to apply financial skills to high-technology business.“

—Shane Green
Teledyne Technologies

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